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37th Training Wing Inspector General (IG)

To sustain a credible Air Force Inspector General (IG) system, the 37th Training Wing (37 TRW) IG is the wing's focal point for complaint investigations, allegations of fraud, waste and abuse and maintains responsive programs characterized by objectivity, integrity, and impartiality. The IG is obligated to ensure the concerns of all complainants and the best interests of the Air Force are addressed through objective fact-finding.

The 37th Training Wing (37 TRW) Inspector General is responsible for the wing commander's Complaints Program, oversees fraud, waste and abuse program and is responsible for high-level federal legislative and executive issues.
IG Matters Include:

· Allegations of Injustice
· Violations of Law or Directives
· Mismanagement
· Waste of Funds
· Abuse of Authority
· Substantial Danger to Public Health/Safety
· Reprisal
· Restriction

Contact Information:
For questions or information, email 37trw.ig@us.af.mil or call (210) 671-3347.  Normal business hours are Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.