Chief McCoy, 37 TRW Functional Lead for 3Ps is offering an update and insight into the upcoming Security Forces changes; within the next 12 months.  Additionally, this is a great opportunity to receive mentorship from multiple Chiefs from the Security Forces realm on promotions, duty titles, and SNCO/NCO boards.
Details below:
What: 37 TRW Functional Lead 3P/SF Brief
When: 09 November at 1300
Where: Chief’s Room (PRC) open to all SF
Please encourage all 3Ps to attend and let MSgt Galindo or TSgt Messinger know if you have any questions, thank you!

upcoming courses



Course Title

Nov 17-18

8:00 - 1600

Mental Health First Aid

Nov 17


JBSA-Lackland CGOC Prof Dev

Nov 18


5 Voices Workshop


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