Defense Language Institute English Language Center (DLIELC)

Defense Language Institute English Language Center (DLIELC)

Mission Statement

The DLIELC is a Department of Defense (DoD) agency responsible for the management and operation of the Defense English Language Program (DELP) to train international military and civilian personnel to speak and teach English, manage the English as a second language program for the U.S. military, manage nonresident English training programs, provide for our students' health, morale and welfare, and conduct the DoD Field Studies Program.

"A world class language institute . . . Building bridges
through communication and peace through understanding
. . . Shaping tomorrow's future today."

The Defense Language Institute English Language Center (DLIELC) traces its formal beginning to May 1954, when the 3746th Pre-Flight Training Squadron (language) was activated and assumed responsibility for all English language training. In 1960, the Language School, USAF, activated and assumed the mission. In 1966, the DoD established the Defense Language Institute English Language School (DLIELS) and placed it under U.S. Army control although the school remained at Lackland AFB.

In 1976, the DoD appointed the U.S. Air Force as the executive agent for the school and redesignated it the Defense Language Institute English Language Center. The school's commandant is an Air Force colonel; the deputy commandant is an Army lieutenant colonel; other military members consist of Army, Air Force and Navy personnel. The over 300 civilian members of the staff include the instructors who are qualified in the area of English as a second language.

Oct. 24, 1956 -- The Army Language School at the Presidio of Monterey, California, received approval for its emblem (above).
July 1, 1963 -- The emblem was reassigned to the Defense Language Institute (DLI), established by DoD on Nov. 5, 1962. The institute's West Coast Branch assumed the Army Language School mission July 1, 1963. With this transfer, the emblem remained the same while the designation in the school changed.
March 17, 1969 -- The Defense Language Institute English Language School, Lackland AFB, received permission to use the emblem of DLI, its higher headquarters. The Defense Language Institute subsequently inactivated; its school at Lackland AFB became the Defense Language Institute English Center in 1975 and retained use of the DLI emblem.

The hat, worn by the first soldiers of the Presidio of Monterey, where the Army Language School was founded, alludes to the military aspect of the school. The Rosetta Stone, key to our knowledge of the language of ancient times, symbolizes the study of language as the key to understanding. It is inscribed with the work "Ptolemy" in Egyptian hieroglyphics, in Hieratic or script, and in Greek. The olive branch stands for the peace attained through understanding. The torch, symbol of light and knowledge, is considered particularly appropriate for a language school.

Officer: 9
Enlisted: 25
Civilian: 646

Point of Contact
Defense Language Institute English Language Center
2235 Andrews Ave.
JBSA-Lackland, TX 78236
DSN: 473-3540
COMM: 210-671-3540

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