• Words to the Warhawk Family

    So why do I need your help? I need us to be honest, transparent and most importantly listen. The biggest fail I see as a First Sergeant are supervisors not knowing their Airmen. Get comfortable with having the difficult conversations about an Airman’s background, we owe that to them and their families. As a team we can solve this problem together, however, it is not going to happen overnight; therefore, I suggest we take a moment to reflect on how we become better at understanding. Let us heal from this moment of unrest and look at that person in the mirror and conduct a self-assessment. What can I do to be a better wingman? How can I promote unity and strength within my unit? If I am a leader what type of environment can I create?
  • An Endless Mission

    A few weeks ago I was tagged in a post by my teammate, CMSgt Jay Harris to take on the 22 push-up challenge for Veteran Suicide Awareness. The purpose is to bring light to Veterans Affairs studies which show on average - we lose 22 Veterans to suicide each day. This rate is close to double that of the US population. Victims range from all ages and span retired, separated, active duty, guard, and the reserves. Everyday we learn more of how it also impacts those who serve alongside our veterans - their spouses and children.
  • Grief and Loss During COVID-19

    A Thoughtful Approach to Grief and Loss while Practicing Social Distancing due to COVID-19. Jessica-Lynn Stanley, Maj, USAF, BSC Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker
  • Homeschool 101: Follow-up Q&A

    The 37th Training Wing hosted Home School 101, a virtual event on Facebook Live to help families transition to non-traditional education methods and learn stress-management skills during mandated social distancing in response to COVID-19, Thurs., April 9, 2020. Home School 101 featured a panel consisting of Leslie Janaros, a mother who has been home-schooling her children for 15 years, Dr. Raye Lynn White, an educator with over thirty years of experience, and Lt. Col. Kieran Dhillon, a clinical psychologist. In case you missed it, see the full event on the 37th Training Wing Facebook or YouTube page. Many follow up questions came in from viewers of the event and are answered by our distinguished panel below. 
  • MAPS for Your Family’s COVID-19 Response

    COVID-19 has fundamentally changed the American way of life and it will be interesting to see once it is under control what will remain changed and what will go back to the way things were. I know for all the challenges and scares there are some bright spots. As our city closed schools and requested essential travel only it seemed almost dystopian. Then I took my dogs out for a walk and I felt like I was back in the late 80s/early 90s when I was kid. There were actual families outside planting flowers and kids walking and riding bikes with their parents. It seemed out of place to what we have become as a digitized society stuck to smart screens. Families are getting more time to spend together. Isn’t this what some of us have been asking for? To spend our most productive hours of the day with the ones we love instead of at a job? For all the benefits we can glean from this, it will require some change in perspective and expectations to make this work.
  • Home School 101 Resources

    The list below has been compiled by the 37th Training Wing Key Spouse Mentor and Clinical Psychologist; it includes FREE resources for home-schooling and mental health to assist families during the COVID-19 pandemic. **NOTE** All resources have been provided in collaboration with private entities. The US Air Force does not endorse or sponsor any of the non-DoD entities mentioned in this Resources Reference Material.
  • Life Tip: Mindful Running

    Often physical fitness and mental fitness are looked at as two different entities.   By giving focus to your breath and reducing the rate, it will decrease your heart rate.  This in turn will make you feel more calm and in control.  However by combining this mindfulness technique and running, you can take your physical abilities and mental
  • Life Tip: Spirituality

    Religious and spiritual practices can play an important role in daily life while supporting the mind, body and spirit.  Around 84 percent of people in the world, identify as being part of a religious group.  Those who do ascribe to a religious or spiritual belief have lower levels of depression, less suicidality, decreased substance abuse, and
  • Life Tip: Love Languages

    In relationships both parties generally want to feel appreciated and loved.  As we become more involved, the expectation is the other party will reciprocate.  Many feel they have sincerely tried, but at times can be unsuccessful, and are at a loss.  This can cause a major disconnect in any relationship.  Often it is because they are not speaking
  • Life Tip: New Year- New You!

    Are you looking to develop a healthy lifestyle? Kicking a bad habit? Studies have shown that only 8 percent of those who make New Year’s resolutions actually accomplish them. If you are looking to join that 8 percent, you will need to create a well-defined goal. By doing so, it will aide you in having a well thought out plan of attack.  A useful