37th Training Wing

37th Training Wing Fact Sheet

Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland is home to the 37th Training Wing (TRW), the largest training wing in the U.S. Air Force. We have a rich history of refueling the world’s greatest Air Force with trained and prepared Airmen ready to answer our nation’s call. Also known as the “Gateway to the Air Force,” the 37th TRW is home to three groups and one academy, each with a distinctive training mission.

Our mission includes basic military training of all enlisted recruits entering the Air Force, Space Force, Air Force Reserve, and Air National Guard; technical training for a wide array of career fields and functions; English language training for international military personnel attending the Defense Language Institute’s in-residence campus and abroad through mobile training teams; and specialized training for our Latin American partner nation students that is conducted in Spanish by active-duty Airmen at the Inter-American Air Forces Academy.

Vision: Forging the future force to excel in a complex operational environment.

Our vision embodies our Air Force Core Values and reflects what we want to achieve and deliver as an organization: training executed at a level of excellence that produces competent, capable, and professional American Airmen ready to serve and protect our nation at home and abroad.

Mission: Build and develop disciplined and dynamic Airmen, Guardians, Partners and Allies trusted to secure tomorrow.

More than 2,000 military and civilian members of the wing work to provide training and education to more than 68,000 students annually. We provide the fundamental basic training and education Airmen need and continue to grow them through development of technical skills. Additionally, we provide education and training to international military students geared to build partner capacity, strengthen partnerships, and promote democratic principles. Our goal is not only technical competence, but to also inspire current and future generations of Airmen.

737th Training Group

The 737th Training Group (TRG) is responsible for Air Force Basic Military Training (BMT) and is the only enlisted basic training location in the Air Force. The 737th TRG turns approximately 40,000 civilians into Airmen and Guardians each year. BMT’s 7.5 weeks of intense training focuses on developing professional and resilient Airmen; inspired by Air Force Heritage, committed to Air Force core values, and motivated to deliver Airpower for America. Each Thursday, with the exception of three non-accession weeks, approximately 600 to 800 Airmen and Guardians graduate annually.

37th Training Group

The 37th Training Group is the largest and most diverse technical training group in the Air Force, providing world-class training for the entire Department of Defense (DoD). The 37 TRG trains 22 enlisted and two officer initial skills Air Force Specialties; teaching 150 advanced and supplemental courses with an average student population of 4,000, spanning coast to coast. Each year, they graduate over 23,000 students. This includes all of the DoD’s military working dogs, for which the 37th TRG is responsible for procurement, training, and disposition across Army, Air Force, Navy, and Marine Corps. 

Inter-American Air Forces Academy (IAAFA)

IAAFA’s distinct mission focuses on strengthening international partnerships through education and training. Instructors conduct professional military education and training primarily in Spanish for both officer and enlisted personnel in residence and abroad via mobile training teams or subject matter expert exchanges. Curriculum is focused on flight training, aircraft maintenance, intelligence, cyber, and enhancing global security and stability. This includes the only international in-residence professional military education and mobile courses that are offered to United States Air Force company grade officers and noncommissioned officers.

Defense Language Institute English Language Center (DLIELC)

DLIELC’s mission is to provide effective English language training and maximize resources to enable US and International students to communicate proficiently in support of DoD security cooperation goals. Students receive personalized instruction on the resident campus, abroad through mobile training teams or language training detachments. DLIELC improves International Military Student’s English proficiency, in the Military context primarily, while allowing the students to gain a new understanding of our culture and the American way of life through the DoD’s largest field studies program.