Command chief bids farewell to 37th TRW

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JOINT BASE SAN ANTONIO-LACKLAND, Texas -- Chief Master Sgt. Stefan Blazier became the 37th Training Wing command chief in August 2019, and despite the challenges of COVID-19, he made his mark on Warhawk Nation.
The chief departs JBSA-Lackland this month for his new position at the Pentagon – chief of enlisted force development. You can view his farewell interview HERE, but you can read about the impact he had on people’s lives in the comments below.

Col. Rockie K. Wilson
Commander, 37th Training Wing

Chief Blazier has been an amazing command chief. In a time of unparalleled uncertainty, he has brought this wing stability and confidence through innovative new ideas and through compassion. His strong leadership skills, combined with his ability to communicate through various mediums, were the exact attributes our organization needed. His legacy will forever be felt in terms of the Airmen and students who not only came through the wing’s training pipeline and defense cooperation schools but also (and most importantly) in the impact he has had on the members of the wing.
The sign of any healthy organization is its willingness to release its talent to support a higher cause; in the case of Chief Stefan Blazier, his experience in training/education and his passion for force development will bring lasting impact to our force as a whole.
While we lose Chief Blazier to the Pentagon, we must also thank Jenn Blazier who has been a stalwart within our wing through so many ways. Her leadership as a Key Spouse mentor, her drive to ensure our spouses were able to receive Resilience Training Assistant training and her sponsorship of the Bounce program to support our children all have significantly improved the 37th Training Wing.
The compassion and caring the leadership team of Stefan and Jenn Blazier has forever benefited the 37th Training Wing and they will be greatly missed. We look forward to the amazing things they will continue to do in support of our Air Force!

Master Sgt. Cody Fleeger
37th Training Wing (presently Chief Blazier’s executive assistant)

It’s hard to really capture what it’s like to work with Chief Blazier. He is always driving hard to get after the right things and make things better for our Airmen. He has seemingly mastered the art of challenging others, building successful teams, and making sure the individuals are equipped to endure future challenges.
My first week on the job my wife and I, both active duty Airmen, had a family medical emergency. The Blazier family responded by pouring out love and offering to help us in any way possible. Adding to that, I have two elderly parents, both severely ill. He has been a huge part of my support through much of this process and always makes sure I take care of myself and my family first. My two little boys love running into him when we go for family walks or see them at events because he makes everyone he talks to feel like they’re the most important person in the room at that time.
To summarize it, I would have to say there’s nothing like working with Chief Blazier. He’s one-of-a-kind and genuinely leads with his heart and faith.

Tech. Sgt. Brittney Harding
97th Security Forces Squadron, Altus AFB, Oklahoma (Chief Blazier’s first executive assistant)

I will always remember when I first interviewed for the executive assistant to the command chief position with Chief Blazier. It started as you could imagine, the usual interview question and answer format, but at some point it turned into just two people talking. We went back and forth about where we are as an Air Force, how to take care of our Airmen, creating change, leadership, and so on and so on. I remember getting off the phone thinking that no matter what happened, that was the type of chief, the type of leader, our Air Force needed!
When I received the call that I’d been selected for the job I was more than ecstatic! The opportunity to work within the command chief’s office is an honor in itself, but the opportunity to work for a leader as passionate about our Air Force as Chief Blazier was the real prize.
From his first day in the seat I remember just watching how contagious his energy was, and it was an energy that never let up. He had the ability to walk into any office or stand up in front of any formation and have every single person in the room fired up, motivated, and proud to be a part of the 37th Training Wing by the time he left. And while his impromptu motivational speeches were certainly one of my favorite things, I think one of the things he’s been most well-known for is being a leader who listens, and I mean really listens. He values the opinion of every Airman, from the seasoned group superintendent down to the brand new trainee in Basic Military Training. This was especially apparent when tough calls needed to be made. No matter what challenge or setback we faced as a wing, Chief Blazier never missed a beat when it came to making sure that with every decision made, the impact to our Airmen and their families was always a part of the conversation.
Chief Blazier is the type of leader who always gives his all and his passion for our Air Force and the Airmen who keep it moving is evident in everything he does. The level of thought and intention he puts behind caring for our people and developing our Airmen is unmatched, and I could not think of a better person to be spearheading the development of our enlisted force. Maya Angelou once said “people will forget what you said, they will forget what you did, but they will never forget the way you made them feel.” Well, Chief Blazier is the type of leader who makes every individual he comes in contact with feel overwhelmingly proud to be an Airman. I will forever be grateful to have worked for such a leader.

Master Sgt. Jenna Heck
737th Training Support Squadron

Chief Blazier for me, is a Chief of Airmen. By that, I mean rank doesn’t apply when voicing your ideas and concerns to him. It is important that our youngest to oldest Airmen not be afraid to speak their mind and be heard. It sets the tone for all enlisted in the wing to really care for one another. Leadership is difficult at all levels and we all have different styles. Chief teaches us the big picture of the mission is in caring at all levels. At the root of it, ensuring people know they are important to the team is where Chief Blaze has won the game!

Master Sgt. Jamal Huntley
737th Training Support Squadron

Chief Blazier has been an inspiration to me. I have never seen a Command Chief more engaged and devoted to knowing his people, pinpointing and eliminating problems, and making time for even the lowest ranking Airman. I’ve personally seen him about to leave for the day but see an Airman and end up spending another hour engaging with him. That’s the type of leader I can and WILL follow.

Tech. Sgt. Genesis Infante
737th Training Group

When I think of a leader who inspires me, I cannot help but think of Chief Blaze. He is someone who is out there with his people, not only telling them but also showing them the way. I don’t know how he does it but over the past several months I have watched him have special moments with Airmen across the Wing and when he reengages with them months later, he remembers the person and their story.  I am one of those people. And I find it truly remarkable. This style of leadership transforms lives. He transforms lives! He transformed mine!

Senior Master Sgt. Whitfield Jack
737th Training Support Squadron

Wingman. He’s been exactly that since the first day we met.  Even during my darkest hours, I knew Chief Blazier had my back and was genuinely concerned about my wellbeing. There is no lip service with him — he is real talk and I love him for it. I’m proud to call him my brother and I can’t wait to serve the 99% alongside him.

Col. Megan Schafer
37th Training Wing

Stefan and Jenn Blazier are a one-of-a kind team and have truly left a lasting positive imprint on our Warhawk family. We are all better for their service to the wing and their friendship.
It’s been an absolute pleasure to learn and be led by Chief Blazier during our short time together at the wing. His infectious energy and commitment to our Airmen and families is unparalleled and has undoubtedly helped fuel our ability to ‘fight through.’ I could not be more excited to have his talents and passion unleashed on a broader scale to enhance Airmen development across our entire Air Force.

Jose Surita
37th Training Wing

If you hang around Chief Blaze for more than a minute you’ll feel inspired to lead our Airmen better.  Always real, authentic, and caring … his passion for this wing, its mission, and our Airmen are unmatched.  

Master Sgt. Geoffrey Wadsworth
737th Training Support Squadron

Chief Blazier’s energy and passion that he brings to the job every day is an inspiration. His selfless leadership has showed me the way that I want to conduct myself as a Senior NCO.  Lastly, the mentorship and direction he provided to our Top 3 team helped to make that organization a success and allowed us to develop numerous Senior NCOs across the 37th TRW.  Thank you for everything, Chief!