326th TRS celebrates U.S. Space Force’s 2nd birthday

  • Published
  • By Joe Gangemi
  • 37th Training Wing Public Affairs

The 326th Training Squadron celebrated the U.S. Space Force’s 2nd birthday with a cake-cutting ceremony at Arnold Hall, Dec. 20.

The USSF was established as the sixth branch of the armed forces with the signing of the National Defense Authorization Act on Dec. 20, 2019. The signing emphasized the role of space superiority in the nation’s security.

The first seven enlisted Guardians graduated Basic Military Training in December 2020.

“Since then we have graduated over 300 enlisted Guardians in BMT in fiscal year 2021 – we are looking at an end strength of nearly 500 BMT Guardian accessions for FY 2022. I see about the same number expected for FY 2023,” said Senior Master Sgt. Anthony Chua, Space Force BMT Liaison Officer.

In the coming months, the 326th TRS will realign to be the sole location for Guardian-centric training.

The 326th TRS will have Guardian Military Training Instructors as well as a Space Force section, which will be dedicated to Guardian trainees and led by a Guardian section chief. It will be a trainee’s first contact with the Space Force and lay the foundation for the Guardian Ideal concept.

“It is a lean, agile force which heightens the importance of every Guardian’s contribution and commitment,” Chua said. “Each enlisted Guardian will learn the basic foundation of what it takes to become part of the United States Space Force in Basic Military Training.”

Each Guardian will receive a total of 21 hours of additional instruction that is specific to the USSF. This training includes emotional intelligence, instructional blocks on USSF structure, ways forward, unclassified intelligence briefings and briefings from USSF senior leaders on military doctrine.

Lt. Col. Nicholas Smith, 326th TRS commander, is the first Guardian to command an Air Force Basic Military Training Squadron.

“I love being in command of both Airmen and Guardians and I will take what I’ve learned from Air Force BMT and take it back to my home in the United States Space Force,” Smith said. “This is a historical time to be a part of this transition and monumental changes are taking place for the Space Force.”

Upon graduation, Guardians attend technical training at one of three bases: Space Systems Operations at Vandenberg Space Force Base, California; Intelligence at Goodfellow Air Force Base, Texas; or Cyber/Communications at Keesler AFB, Mississippi.