MTL selected as 2022 JBSA Air Force Military Ambassador

  • Published
  • By Agnes Koterba
  • 37th Training Wing Public Affairs

A privilege bestowed on a select few, Staff Sgt. Clarissa Scott, has been named a 2022 JBSA Air Force Military Ambassador.

Scott is now a Military Training Leader at the 344th Training Squadron, but life wasn’t always easy for the San Antonio native. Abandoned as a newborn, she spent two years in foster care.

But retired Capt. Madonna and retired Senior Master Sgt. Richard Scott had different plans for Clarissa and her two sisters. All three girls were adopted and became part of the Scott family.

“My parents served not only their country, but also the communities they lived in by taking part in the foster care programs around the country. I am only one of 12 children they adopted,” she said.

But, life doesn’t always go as planned.

When Scott’s parents separated, so did the family. Scott stayed behind with her mom and youngest siblings to help care for them.

“I graduated high school and went on to play softball at UTSA, until the stress and hardship of my family life just became too much. I ended up homeless and couldn't afford school,” she explained.

A support system of friends and their families helped Scott find a home. After moving in with her best friend and family, a simple question led her down a new road.

“I remember one day I was talking with my best friend’s dad and he asked, ‘Have you ever thought about joining the military?’” Scott recalled.

Not realizing the Air Force would be a road to new beginnings, she began her service six months later and initially served in Security Forces. Almost 10 years later, she wouldn’t do it any other way.

“There have been good times and bad times, but I've traveled all over the world, I've protected and defended my country, and I have met some of the greatest people. It's been a ride,” Scott said.

As an MTL, Scott mentors and leads at least 7,000 Airmen throughout the year. Though she’s not sure where she will go next, Scott enjoys being close to family.

“It’s crazy how as a young adult, you want to gain some distance from your family and experience life, but then you get older and realize that family is one of the most important parts of that life,” Scott said.

From strengthening the community partnership to learning about San Antonio’s rich culture, she’s ready to reignite her love for San Antonio.

“When I was a kid growing up here in San Antonio, we used to celebrate for school. We would make colorful floats correlating to the history of Fiesta and have large parades with the surrounding elementary schools, so our parents could come watch and throw flowers,” Scott said.

Growing up in a community built on strength and trust, Clarissa is excited to give back as a JBSA Air Force Military Ambassador.

Fiesta is typically an 11-day event commemorating heroes from the Alamo and the Battle of San Jacinto, showcasing the diversity of San Antonio. 

 “Connection is a powerful ability that humans have and I believe that it is one of our strengths not only as a military, but as a country and community. San Antonio is a unique and perfect example of this. Not only is our diversity here unrivaled, our commitment to helping those in need is unmatched,” Scott said.

Ambassadors help strengthen the community relationship by displaying Air Force professionalism and building rapport.

 “I am thrilled to represent JBSA as an Air Force Ambassador and I can't wait for the exciting experiences and people that I will meet this year!”