6 things you should know about JBSA-Lackland’s CGO Council

  • Published
  • By Miriam Thurber
  • 37th Training Wing Public Affairs

JBSA-Lackland’s Company Grade Officer Council invites every lieutenant and captain (O1-O3) to become an active member. The CGOC, a private organization operating outside the chain of command, provides opportunities for networking, growth and unique encounters with the mission.

“Come out and try it,” said 1st Lt. Braden Evers, vice president of the CGOC. “Initially, I wasn’t eager to join, especially since I’m so busy, but I’m so thankful that I did. The events have been great for growing as a leader and even just relaxing among peers.”

Whether you’re already a member or have never heard of them, here are six things you should know about the council.

1. Attendance opens doors. “These are the people we’re going to grow with,” 1st Lt. Himanshu Chopra, CGOC president. “It’s no secret that networking now pays off in the future.”

2. Members get backstage passes. Every month, JBSA-Lackland’s CGOC sponsors a behind-the-scenes tour of a unit. In February, the 341st Training Squadron hosted an up-close look at the military working dog program’s only training squadron in the Department of Defense, giving the 30 CGOs in attendance front row seats to detection training and bite work practice. The CGOs also spoke directly to experts about the squadron’s breeding, whelping and fostering programs while walking through the kennels. In April, members will take an in-depth tour of the Special Warfare Training Wing.

3. The CGOC hosts three events every month. In addition to the unit tours, the CGOC also hosts one social and one meeting each month. “The goal is to build up our members, and to improve the quality of life for our CGOs,” said Evers. “We try to do things that are fun and unique.” The council held its March social at The Pearl on March 12, and the general membership meeting is scheduled for 3 p.m. March 23 at the 802nd Security Forces Squadron (2445 George Ave.).

4. They’re hiring. On March 23, CGOs from around the base will vote to include four new positions: CGOC Ambassador, Special Events Officer, Communications Officer and Community Outreach Officer. To learn more about the positions, or to throw your hat in the ring, be sure to attend the member meeting on March 23.

5. Col. Joyce Storm, commander of the 37th Training Group, will be your mentor. As the senior mentor for the CGOC, Storm provides insight on how to grow both personally and professionally as an officer. Attendees of the March 23 General Membership meeting will get to hear her speak on professional development and importance of expanding horizons.

6. You may already be a member. Technically all 2nd lieutenants, 1st lieutenants and captains are automatically members of the council and can vote on policies, activities and leadership. CGOs who want to become more active in the council can simply attend an event alongside their 1,600 active peers.

The CGOC continuously plans events, coordinates socials and offers opportunity for community engagement. For more information about upcoming events or the CGOC in general, visit JBSA-Lackland CGOC on Facebook.