DLIELC features team contributions during showcase

  • Published
  • By Agnes Koterba
  • Defense Language Institute English Language Center - Strategic Communications

Interactive displays and aromas of fresh fare filled the halls during the Defense Language Institute English Learning Center Showcase Feb. 2.  

Attendees embarked on a journey throughout International Hall as they toured the different displays from around DLIELC, also known as the 637th Training Group. The showcase brought all the pieces of a vast puzzle together, highlighting how each Squadron supports the overall mission in building security cooperation through English language training.

“It’s so easy to lose yourself in the day-to-day work life and be consumed in your own work, said Staff Sgt. Jordan Hughes, 637th TRG, primary event coordinator and Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge of Professional Development. “It was truly incredible to see each flight at DLIELC represent themselves and their journey all at once. The creativity and comradery made this an awesome experience.”

Afrika Hairston, event program manager and 637th TRG Chief of Training and Development, emphasized the essential impact of the showcase as a “force multiplier in advancing 637th TRG mission readiness. In addition to providing in-depth, cross-organizational touchpoints, the showcase provides a space for us to connect, brag about our shops, and learn something new,” Hairston said.

Teams from Curriculum Development, Information Technology, Testing, International Nonresident and International Resident flights, and many others featured their accomplishments.

Active learning remained key to an engaging afternoon.

The Testing Flight challenged onlookers to “Choose Your Own Adventure.” One could select to write or analyze an English Comprehensive Level item. This allowed participants to receive a first-hand experience of what test developers may encounter when writing ECL items.  

Most rewards and cuisine were offered based on one condition: passive learning remained at the door.

Nonresident Program Managers, Murad Khalliev and Robert Donayre, 637th International Support Squadron/International Flight, added a touch of Central Asian decor and shared two international dishes. The cuisine consisted of Uzbek Palov (Ozbek Osh) and a Turkmen winter dip (Batyrma). The menu concluded with black tea and Eastern European chocolates all shared as part of their trivia quiz and active learning techniques.

The innovative approaches did not go unnoticed.

“Seeing everyone bring forth their own unique and innovative talents together and having a great time means a lot,” Hughes said.

The efforts before and during the showcase were a true illustration of the dedication and hard work put forth by DLIELC staff throughout the campus.

“Each Squadron contributes a pivotal role from behind-the-scenes in the everyday operations of the Defense English Language Program, said Col. Douglas Fowler, 637th Training Group commander and DLIELC commandant. “The showcase revealed the importance of what each section does and how it supports students not only in learning English, but also in building relationships and creating meaningful and memorable journeys for them,” Fowler added. “I’m truly honored to be a part of this mission and grateful to all our team members for changing lives each day.”  

DLIELC, aligned under the 37th Training Wing, is the Department of Defense’s Executive Agent for English Language training programs. DLIELC, known as the “Gateway to America,” builds security cooperation capability through English language training and cultural immersion for more than 3,500 students annually. DLIELC teaches, monitors, and conducts the Defense English Language Program. This includes all programs for U.S. Army Echo Company, Coast Guard trainees, International Military Students, and civilians.