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IAAFA AMISTAD sponsor program offers unique opportunities


For those who enjoy meeting interesting people and learning about different cultures, the Inter-American Air Forces Academy AMISTAD Sponsor program offers an opportunity to team up with international students of several Latin American countries.

The program introduces foreign students to U.S culture, giving them an opportunity to experience firsthand the values and freedoms we hold dear.

Students come from the Caribbean, Mexico, Central and South American countries, and occasionally, several English speaking countries to study a wide variety of subjects ranging from aircraft maintenance to professional development courses.

The student body primarily speaks Spanish and varies in rank; it includes officers, enlisted and civilian personnel.

For many students, this is the first time, and perhaps the only time they have traveled outside their home country.

The experiences and lifestyles shared with the volunteer sponsor will help foster strong interpersonal relationships, while helping them understand the American family and society, our culture, and way of life. The AMISTAD Sponsor program equates to hospitality and friendship.

IAAFA continues to search for individuals to join as sponsors who enjoy participating in many events conducted throughout the duration of the students’ training which can be up to four months.

While Spanish language skills may be helpful at times, it is not required. Military members, Department of Defense civilian employees, and contractors are now eligible to participate and will be given priority during sponsor/international student pairings. Members of the local community are encouraged to participate as well.

Anyone interested in becoming an AMISTAD Sponsor, please contact the Student Affairs Flight at 671-4406.

For more information about IAAFA, please watch us at