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  • BMT adaptive learning platform beta-test focus on latest "The Air Force Starts Here"

    Air Education and Training Command’s emphasis on the use of technology to aggressively and cost-effectively modernize education and training is the focus of the latest episode of "The Air Force Starts Here," released Jan. 28, 2020. The team sat down with Capt. Tyler Hoff, an Air Force basic military training flight commander, about the issuance of tablet computers to BMT trainees as part of a six-month Cooperative Research and Development Agreement beta test designed to test adaptive and personalized learning in the BMT setting.
  • Air Force beta-tests adaptive learning platform in basic military training

    Air Education and Training Command’s emphasis on the use of technology to aggressively and cost-effectively modernize education and training took another step forward here with the issuance of personal tablets to two in-processing flights at Basic Military Training.
  • AIRMEN these days: Volume 2 - Airman Haakon Storm

    I’ve heard the comment, “Airmen these days” quite a bit over the years. It’s usually from a negative standpoint; how today’s Airmen are not as disciplined, dedicated, or mature as those from “back in my day…” To help others see the greatness in our Airmen who join and stay on our team (no matter what age) – this series of posts called “Airmen these days” will demonstrate it.
  • Air Force on schedule with new uniform issue timeline

    Trainees entering into Basic Military Training (BMT) at the 37th Training Wing this week are the first group to be issued the new Operational Camouflage Pattern (OCP) uniforms. After taking Airmen feedback into consideration, the uniform board members said they chose the OCP for the improved fit and comfort and so that they will blend in with their soldier counterparts’ uniforms in the joint environments, according to Cooper.
  • Basic trainees inspire through murals

    Trainees with the 321st Training Squadron volunteered to paint a series of murals through the unit. The project started July 4, 2017, with the American flag painted across the hallway of several classrooms. It took about 2 ½ months and about 12 gallons of paint.
  • First BMT trainees experience M-4 training and qualification

    Members of the 37th Training Support Squadron Combat Weapons Flight reopened the newly renovated Combat Arms Training Range at the JBSA-Lackland Medina Training Annex July 8, 2019.BMT trainees were the first to experience M-4 carbine Weapons Familiarization Course at the range, which closed in November 2018, due to improper rainwater drainage. 
  • Air Force Basic Military Training continues to fine-tune program with major modernizations

    The opportunity for an Airman to leave Basic Military Training fully-qualified on the M4 rifle is just one of the new tactics being implemented as part of the recent changes to curriculum centered on readiness and lethality, airmanship, fitness and the warrior ethos.
  • Initial clothing issue office dresses trainees as Airmen

    Scared, anxious and sleep deprived; between 300 and 400 trainees, many with freshly shaved heads from the barber located next door, pass through a brown brick building each week to receive their first sets of uniforms and clothing items they will need for life in the military.
  • Protocol, practice, teamwork help save BMT trainee’s life

    The safety of the trainees at Basic Military Training is a top priority. When one trainee collapsed, the military training instructors immediately stepped up and ensure the safety and health of the distressed trainee.
  • U.S. Ambassador visits JBSA-Lackland

    The honorable W. Stuart Symington, U.S. ambassador to the Federal Republic of Nigeria, attended basic military training graduation and toured 37th Training Wing facilities April 5 at Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland, Texas.