From birth to eight weeks, future military working dogs bred at the 341st Training Squadron are reared at the Military Working Dog Center on JBSA-Lackland  in our state of the art whelping facility. While there is no guarantee that any pup of this age will develop into an adult working dog, our Puppy Development Specialists begin working with the pups from birth, imprinting and exposing the pups to a variety of simulations and activities that will prepare them for the next phase of their life. 

At the age of eight weeks, the puppies go home with qualified and dedicated 'foster' volunteers from the greater San Antonio/Austin area. That's where YOU come in. During the 'foster' period, the pups are raised in secure, nurturing homes that provide learning and play opportunities, as well as outings for the puppies to be exposed to different environments and people to develop a socially sound puppy. Learn more about the program here.



First, I would like to thank you for your interest in our program.  Just a few questions before we proceed. 1.  Do you live within 2 hour drive of Lackland AFB, TX? 2.  Do you have a fenced in back yard? 3.  If you have children, are they at least age 5 or older? If you answered yes to all the questions, then you may qualify. I am the Breeding Program Foster Consultant.   If you decide to volunteer as a Foster, I will help you through this process.  A Foster is responsible for a 5 month commitment; from puppy age 6 weeks to 7 months old.   During this time you will have the opportunity to care, train and expose the puppy to a variety of different environments.   This program can be exciting and rewarding.   A good Foster is the key to the puppy making it through the program.   This will give you a chance to serve your country in a different way and you will be Fostering a Future Hero!

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