Welcome to the home page of the Defense Language Institute English Language Center, better known worldwide as DLI. We sincerely hope that this stop on the information highway will provide you with useful information about us--who we are and the services we provide.

The Defense Language Institute English Language Center is a world-renowned institution in the field of English Language Training. Our mission is to teach, monitor and conduct the Defense English Language Program while providing a look into American culture. This includes all programs for US Army Echo Company, International Military Students (IMS), and Civilians.

DLIELC is a gateway to the United States of America. Each year, up to 12% of the international military students who come to the US for training start their journey at DLIELC. An average of 80 Partner Nations are in residence every day represented by a student body that can exceed 1,000 students. Around the world, approximately 3,000 military students are in classrooms studying the DLIELC American Language Course.

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Provide world-wide English language training and resident cultural immersion to enable US military and International partners to communicate in support of Department of Defense and Security Cooperation objectives.


An innovative world class military organization providing superior English language training around the globe.




2235 Andrews Ave 
JBSA Lackland, TX 78236-5259

Command Section - (210) 671-3540
Academics - (210) 671-2532
Non-Resident Programs - (210) 671-3783 
Resident Flight - (210) 671-4212
Test and Measurement - (210) 671-4889
Protocol - (210) 671-4060
24/7 Operations - (210) 671-2929
Field Studies Program - (210) 671-2167