Operations - 637th International Support Squadron

The 637 ISS mission is to conduct worldwide English Language Training operations and provide International Military Student support in order to strengthen language readiness and cultural interoperability among DoD security cooperation partners and allies. The Total Force squadron conducts and supports worldwide English Language Training operations for approximately 6,000 International Military Students (IMS) at its resident campus and in all six geographical combatant commands to strengthen language capabilities and cultural knowledge to support interoperability. 

On the resident campus, 637 ISS monitors training and academic progress and provides administrative support to IMS, civilian students, and US military pre-basic trainees. Additionally, it executes the largest Field Studies Program (FSP) in the DoD Security Cooperation enterprise in order to provide a basic understanding of the United States’ democratic institutions, values, and processes.

To execute the nonresident mission, the squadron oversees several language training detachments and engages with US and host-country training officials to provide advice on effective English language training programs, fulfill curriculum and language laboratory material requests, and deploy DLIELC advisory and instructional mobile training teams around the world.





Squadron Commander

Lt. Col Paul J. Bernards