The 37th Training Wing, Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland Air Force Base, Texas, is the largest training wing in the U.S. Air Force. 

The wing's vision is to achieve "The Training Standard of Excellence for the Department of Defense" across its four groups. The wing operates schools at nine locations throughout the United States with most of its training conducted at Lackland. The Wing trains Airmen, other military services, government agencies, coalition partners from over 100 countries and military working dogs.

The 37th TRW consists of four training groups and graduates more than 80,000 students annually. These four missions include basic military training of all enlisted recruits entering the Air Force, Space Force, Air Force Reserve and Air National Guard; technical training encompassing hundreds of courses for a wide array of career fields and functions; English language training for international military personnel attending the Defense Language Institute; and specialized training as well as officer and enlisted professional military education conducted in Spanish by active-duty Airmen for Latin American students attending the Inter-American Air Forces Academy.

Col. Willie L. Cooper 

Command Chief

Chief Master Sgt. Carlos Damian



The 37th Wing Staff Agencies provide critical support to the wing through the use of the special programs it directs. These mission essential areas include: Safety, Public Affairs and the Inspector General.

The 737th Training Group provides Air Force Basic Military Training (BMT) for all enlisted people entering the Air Force, Air Force Reserve and Air National Guard, earning Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland the nickname, "Gateway to the Air Force."
The 37th Training Group, with its approximately 1,600 personnel from all four military services, provides professional and technical training to more than 36,000 military members and civilians from the armed forces, federal agencies, and the international community. 
Since 1954, the Defense Language Institute English Language Center (DLIELC) has performed its mission to support the policies and objectives of the U.S. Government and the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD). DLIELC started as the U.S. Air Force Language School; our primary mission was to teach English to Allied pilot candidates. In 1966, our mission expanded to include other career fields, and our school moved under the DoD with the U.S. Army as the executive agent.

Inter-American Air Forces

The 100-plus proud professionals of the Inter-American Air Forces Academy (IAAFA) team up to teach 37 technical courses, in Spanish and in English, to students from more than 22 countries every year.