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I hope you had a great weekend.  Last week, Chief Morgan and I had the opportunity to participate in AETC’s Gathering of the Torch with all of AETC’s Senior Leadership.  It was a great week focused on Innovation, Force Development, Resourcing, Modernization, Diversity & Inclusion amongst many other things.  We’ll share what we learned this week with your leadership and will tee up some of the topics for our upcoming Command Team Calls in a few weeks.

Last week I mentioned the new Enlisted Force Development Action Plan, which has the goal of completing 28 force development objectives over the next two years. These objectives are centered on these 6 areas: a competition-focused force, front-line leader development, teaming to solve problems, fostering resilience as foundational to readiness, building a force development ecosystem, and aligning systems to match values. CMSAF JoAnne Bass said deliberate development that gives Airmen the “ability to thrive and reach their full potential” is “a mission imperative” and must be ”a top priority for anyone who is expected to lead – from front-line supervisors to commanders.” The plan was one of the topics Chief Morgan and I discussed in last week’s Free Form Friday. You can check that out HERE.

Here’s the entire Free Form Friday line-up:

1:21 -- Weekend Recap
3:11 -- Weather Update + Moving Forward
6:18 -- Enlisted Force Development Action Plan
9:42 -- HPCON Bravo +
11:35 -- Quarterly + Annual Awards
12:17 -- DLI Professional Days
13:00 -- IAAFA New Academic Year
14:18 -- Closing Remarks



Advance Force Development: DLIELC Partners with United States Coast Guard: The Defense Language Institute English Language Center (DLIELC) and United States Coast Guard (USCG) began discussions on partnering to create a pilot English language training program for USCG trainees modeled after the US Army Element trainees resident at DLIELC. The primary goal of the program is to improve USCG recruitment of members that speak English as a second language. This program would not only assist in the recruitment and retention of diverse individuals to the USCG, but also improve the overall language skillset of USCG personnel. This program would aim to train 30-50 Coast Guardsmen per year. As the Executive Agent for English language training, DLIELC Is prepared to support US military partners in training needs.


Services Tech Training School on the path to instruction modernization: On Jan. 12, 345 TRS Services Training instructor SSgt McCormick lent his skills to improving the Services Tech Training Curriculum by demonstrating use of the Babbington Powered Multi-Fuel Burner, which is primarily used to keep food hot in expeditionary and field conditions. This is part of the 345th overall goal to modernize all of its technical training schools, and extend the availability of relevant training tasks to students when not in the classroom, and for new instructor familiarization. The 345 TRS plans to have its services instructional videos primed for use to meet its updated curriculum execution this May.

Col. Rockie K Wilson
37 TRW Commander

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24 Jan 22