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Warhawk Solutions is a platform in which to provide comments, ideas, solutions to issues or ask questions and submit concerns. Submit through the Warhawk Solutions platform or the QR code. You may submit anonymously or ask for direct feedback by providing your contact information. We highly encourage you to provide contact information so we can address your concerns directly and/or reach out to you for more information. 

Warhawk Solutions questions and answers are coordinated through the appropriate organizations for response. Answers are posted to this site as soon as possible. Archived questions and answers can be found, by topic, in the menu to the right. Note: Some questions and answers have been sanitized to remove specific names or other personally identifiable information. Additionally, not all questions may be answered on this site. If an identifiable trend of questions is received, they will be addressed in public forums such as Commander's Calls and Freeform Fridays. Freeform Friday is a weekly episode on the 37th Training Wing Facebook page, hosted by wing leadership.

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Current as of 9 Feb 22

We have received a number of comments, concerns and questions about the mask wear policy for JBSA-Lackland. While our HPCON went from BRAVO to BRAVO PLUS on Jan. 6, our mask wear requirement has been in place since Dec. 13: “All JBSA personnel, regardless of vaccination status, are required to wear masks when indoors in DoD-controlled facilities.” The policy goes on to say that “Unit commanders may implement stricter policies, if appropriate for mission needs, but may not implement a more relaxed policy. Service members, federal employees, onsite contractor employees, and visitors who are not fully vaccinated must continue to wear masks on the installation and follow applicable Centers for Disease Control and DoD Force Health Protection guidance.”
This requirement, along with the other policies found at the JBSA COVID-19 page at, is in place to better protect our community while preserving our ability to perform our vital missions. Please do your part by observing the guidelines!


Q: Colonel Wilson, last year, teachers at DLI were awarded instructor of the year and the quarter in early December. Teachers accomplished outstanding efforts that last month and if we could’ve waited until the end of the year then other instructors could’ve been awarded and not the one selected. Could we this year wait until Dec. 30 to gather a complete package and make it a fairer system? Can they have the selection committee select teacher, civilian of the year the first week of Jan?
The submission dates for awards are often aligned with the wing, 2d Air Force, AETC and Air Force-level dates. This is to ensure packages are able to be competed at various levels (if eligible). The dates for DLI awards are selected in order to ensure all packages are able to compete at these various levels (if they are eligible). These packages are a culmination of a quarter or the entire year and, if written to demonstrate the impact the individual has had on the mission, would be strong enough to compete. 


Q: I have compiled a list of all my achievements for the year that in view would constitute an award. I conversed with my supervisor about it but my supervisor said she has never submitted any unit member for an award and sent me on my way. I thought about talking to the next civilian up the chain but they are close friends and would defeat the purpose. And my supervisor saying she’s never submitted anyone for an award is inexcusable. My wish would be that we have a fair system and that we might submit our names to our military commanders if we deem our accomplishments warrant an award. This would hold civilian supervisors accountable for submitting an award package and submitting the appropriate individual for an award. As a minority, I would like my accomplishments and those of other minorities acknowledged. We don’t even get a thank you from our supervisors – it’s as if we are not valued members. Who cares about “us.”
Thank you for bringing your concerns to our attention as we certainly want all of our employees to feel that they are valued members of the team. I understand the perception of unfairness can cause team cohesion and performance issues. I would encourage you to consider speaking with your first sergeant or squadron commander as they can be a voice for you and help raise your concerns up the chain. Perhaps your first sergeant or squadron commander would be able to provide your supervisor an alternate view about the value of submitting employees for awards. Additionally, I will continue to remind our commanders to promote the civilian recognition program within their units and encourage all supervisors to take the time to recognize their top performers. Recognition can be a great motivator.


Q: The DLI commandant sent a letter yesterday stating he has been guilty of complacency when it comes to mask-wearing at school. The Omicron is a super spreader variant and extremely contagious. How are we supposed to be safe in an environment where the school leader is not setting the example? So vaccine mandates have to be followed to the T but no mask mandates? Leaders pick and choose what to enforce as policy? How’s the wing commander helping in this manner?
The DLI commandant was being transparent with you in an effort to remind all personnel that the mask mandate must continue to be reinforced. His transparency is a reminder that we are all human but we also must do our part to help slow the spread by ensuring we’re following the mandate. As the wing commander, I encourage all who are not yet vaccinated, to consider doing so. And, if eligible for the booster shot … get it. The safety and well-being of all employees is critical to ensuring we’re able to effectively execute the missions within our wing. DLI is just one of the many missions our wing executes in defense of this nation and we need each of you to focus on your role in the mission as instructors and staff … your contributions are critical to building strengthening our security cooperation partnerships. We have authorized commanders to authorize telework for a limited capacity.  You can check with your chain of command for specifics.


Q: Metro Health’s COVID-19 website reported 733 new COVID-19 cases Thursday, bringing the total number of new cases to 2,942 so far this week. That includes 957 new cases Monday, 828 on Tuesday, and 424 on Wednesday. Col Wilson, what preventative measures will take place at the wing to mitigate the spread of COVID in the coming weeks?
A: I encourage everyone to continue wearing your masks, wash hands and -- if not feeling well -- get tested. We must practice these protocols on- and off-duty in order to maintain the safety of our personnel. I also encourage you to consider getting vaccinated, if not already, or get the booster shot if eligible. We are currently in HPCON Bravo Plus and as you know masks are mandated indoors in all DoD facilities. We are closely monitoring the recent rise in COVID cases and are working with the 502d Air Base Wing who will make any appropriate changes to COVID protocols as required. We have authorized commanders to authorize telework for a limited capacity.  You can check with your chain of command for specifics.


Q: When will we be informed if our medical or religious exemptions have been approved or need to go through an appeal?
A:  As of mid-December, the processing of civilian exemption requests (medical and religious) have been put on hold pending release of additional Department of Defense guidance. No decisions will be made by approving authorities until further guidance is received. However, those unvaccinated are still required to accomplish the weekly COVID testing.
For military personnel, nearly all military packages have been built and are currently in staffing through 2 AF to AETC with AETC/CC having the final authority for religious accommodations. Medical exemptions for military members will be determined on case-by-case basis in working with their primary care manager/physicians.


Q: We have received a number of submissions through Warhawk Solutions about reasonable accommodations for DLIELC employees as a result of COVID- 19.
A: Due to privacy concerns we cannot address each concern publicly. However, we encourage and support employee’s to initiate reasonable accommodation requests through the First Line Supervisor. The request will then be routed for final approval. Please note that the employee must have documentation to support that they have a disability and the specific accommodation that they are requesting that will allow them to perform the essential functions of their job. Since our return to face-to-face instruction in July, we’ve continued to educate employees with health concerns on the reasonable accommodation request process and encouraged them to pursue one if they deemed it appropriate for them.  If there are any specific concerns, please know your squadron commander is available to you for assistance. Please see the link for further information on Reasonable Accommodations:


Q: I am concerned about perceived discrimination in the workplace. Who do I turn to in the event I see discrimination in the workplace?
A: There is no place in our Air Force for discrimination. We have a zero-tolerance policy regarding concerns of this nature and is taken very seriously. If you feel any discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, genetic information, or reprisal, you may file a complaint of discrimination or raise the issue of discrimination with the Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Office. Additionally, please make use of DLIELC’s command team open door policy.

Your initial contact with the EEO must be done within 45 calendar days of the effective date of the decision action. If you elect to file a complaint of discrimination, you may do so by contacting the EEO at:

           1701 Kenly Avenue, Building 2484, Room 138
           JBSA-Lackland, TX  78236-5103
           Telephone number (210) 671-4284  


Q: There is an abandoned vehicle in the flagpole parking lot at DLIELC across the street from the Chaparrel gym with a flat tire and a Texas registration sticker from January 2019. The vehicle should be removed.
A: Thank you for bringing this to our attention, the proper authorities will be notified.


Q: With army opening back up their BMT graduation, when do you think Air Force will open theirs back up?
A: The Air Force will be welcoming back a limited number of visitors beginning July 22. Learn more about the graduation and COVID protocols on our Basic Training Website.


Q: Every year, I wonder why we don't get briefings about. About 8 or 9 years ago, there was a rabbi who came to a commander's call to talk about Judaism. Since then there has been no mention of religions other than the annual trainings on Ramadan. In fact, we even had an In Service Training (IST) focused on Islam. I know we have a large number of Muslim students, but DLI should not emphasize the importance of one religious holiday over all the others. I would like to see Holy Week, Easter, Passover, Obon, Wesak, and many other religious holidays recognized through official Air Force briefings.
A: In Service Training focuses on a wide variety of subjects. DLIELC has a very diverse group of cadre and students. The IST's can be sued to educate all about various issues to help build cultural awareness. Consider talking to your unit Chaplain as they can provide religious awareness briefings on a number of religions.


Q: After the loss of one of our Warhawks, I feel resilience workshops are greatly needed. What's the 37 TRW doing about them?
A: The 37 TRW is saddened by the loss of one of our own. In response, the impacted Squadrons have held Commander’s Calls as well as numerous other resilience events within their respective Squadrons this week, including Heritage Runs, meeting with the installation’s integrated resiliency teams and multiple social activities to help increase esprit de corps and facilitate the grieving and healing process. In addition, I have asked that all Squadrons across the wing meet in person this week, prior to Memorial Day weekend, to discuss resilience, Wingman culture and mindfulness of ourselves and others.  


More holistically and proactively, our wing has initiated a dedicated Community Action Team focused on 37 TRW-specific issues to include enduring resilience programs for members and their families. The 37 TRW CAT meets monthly to help facilitate all four pillars of resilience. In addition, our Wing has also stood up a first-of-its-kind human performance directorate, reporting directly to me, that will focus on all four pillars of resilience and the optimization of our Airmen’s performance. 


Q: Two Black awards, Blacks in Government Meritorious Service Award, were recently awarded to two members of the wing, but there hasn't been any awards for the Asian or Hispanic members --- NOT inclusive.
A:  Annual awards such as Blacks in Government are higher-headquarters awards and encompass the entire Department of Defense. There are additional awards that include other ethnicities such as the  Federal Asian Pacific American Council’s Uniformed Services Award. In fact a member of the 37th TRW received the FAPAC in 2020.  We must continue to foster a culture of inclusion and understanding within our Air Force. Recognition at various levels within the federal force is one way we're able to showcase the diverse talent of our Air Force.   


Q: Year-after-year at DLI we try to bring attention to the injustices in the civilian appraisal system. It’s time to take action and have supervisors hold employees accountable, rather than reward people who aren’t performing well in their jobs and are doing not working during duty hours.
A: An employee’s appraisal, award and other information is for the employee and their supervisory chain only. While performance awards are reflective of how well you meet or exceed the performance elements within your performance plan, the success of your students is also a reflection of your performance as an instructor. I highly encourage that each of our civilian Airmen concentrate on their classroom instruction and their students. If there are concerns regarding performance within your organization, we encourage you to reach out to your commander or the senior civilian in your organization to discuss specifics.


Q: When will the Zoom app be available for use on our .mil or .edu computers?
A: The Zoom app is currently being coordinated with AETC/A6 for ATO/ACO approval and should be complete any day.  As soon as it is complete the app willl be automatically pushed out to all .edu computers.


Q: Certain members of my organization don’t feel as if they are being given the opportunity for professional development. Why not have a wing-level program that is open to all?
A: Everyone within the wing is afforded the opportunity to pursue professional development training. Additionally, when developing your annual performance plan, be sure to include your professional development goals. Warhawk University offers a number of opportunities around the local area that individuals can sign up for. Additionally, there are formal Professional Military and Civilian Developmental Education opportunities that become available throughout the year. The annual call for Civilian Developmental Education is a self-nomination process through AFPC and is accomplished through MyVector. Emails are distributed through MyVector to each individual employee. If you haven’t yet established a MyVector account, go to to register. Also, if on the .edu domain, be sure to check your .mil email regularly to ensure you don’t miss out on opportunities. Educational opportunities are also advertised through the Hawk Talk weekly. You can also scan the QR code for Warhawk University to access available opportunities. (Note the Warhawk University QR code on the right-hand column)


Q: As a member of DLI, I am concerned with unfair hiring practices that seem to favor particular individuals or foreign instructors. It seems as if discrimination exists in the organization.
A: DLI has had internal and external reviews of their hiring practices. They are fair and exceed the OPM and AF hiring processes with a rubric, panel and interview. We do not use any prohibited demographic or protected category information when making hiring selections. It’s important that we educate ourselves on hiring practices rules and that we continue to educate and inform about them, just as Mr. Surita and I have discussed in previous DLI all-calls. This will help alleviate any misperceptions we may have. DLI has a very diverse group of professionals who are executing a critical mission; I encourage each of you to continue focusing on your students and classroom instruction in order to help strengthen international partnerships.


Q: Are resources available to study/research the effectiveness of the DLI’s remote face-to-face instruction compared to on-site face-to-face instruction?
A: We have studied the effectiveness of remote teaching using the same metrics and information available prior to the pandemic.  That is student satisfaction through EOCs, on-time graduation rate, graduation rate, and FoT feedback.  From the last data pull and analysis, the 332 TRS resident mission is performing equal to or better by those metrics.  However, one concern we have is the ability to immerse our students into the American classroom environment. This cultural immersion is hard to capture and portray in a remote-learning only atmosphere. IAAFA recently graduated their in-resident Alpha cycle students and Columbian Army Brig. Gen Erik Rodriguez, who was the guest speaker, reminded students about the value of the relationships they built while attending courses at IAAFA: “Interpersonal relationships matter, interoperability between different forces is generated from a common language and common procedures, but interoperability cannot be effective if there is no personal knowledge, respect or a level of trust.” At DLI, you do more than just teach English. You help grow relationships through a common language. Those relationships are better fostered in an in-person environment.


Q: Why must multiple emails about spouse events and messages be sent out to all in the organization? We aren’t married to the military and these messages do not apply to DLI.
A: Whether wearing the uniform or a civil servant, every member of DLI is a valued member and employee of the Department of the Air Force and the Department of Defense, and should be afforded the opportunity to receive information on key programs. The individual appointed to distribute these messages is the Key Spouse representative for the squadron. The emails are intended to be informative and educational and provide valuable information for our diverse population within DLI.


Q: What is acceptable/unacceptable when commenting on a civilian employees appraisal? What information can be shared about another employee’s performance? There are some instructors who have concerns about those who are awarded more than colleagues who work as equally hard.
A: An employee’s appraisal, award and other information is for the employee and their supervisory chain only. Civilian monetary or time-off awards are distributed based on a percentage (not to exceed specific caps), and are determined based on how well an employee meets their SMART objectives – performance elements that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound. While, performance awards are reflective of how well you meet or exceed the performance elements within your performance plan, the success of your students is also a reflection of your performance as an instructor. I highly encourage that each of our civilian Airmen concentrate on their classroom instruction and the development of their students.


Q: What is the guidance regarding masks when speaking to large groups of people? Can they be removed?
A: A person speaking to an audience of 30 or more can remove their mask, as long as they maintain appropriate physical distancing from the audience. Organizations can implement stricter guidance to meet organizational needs. However, they cannot make the guidance less strict than what has been published by the JBSA commander. For more information on current guidance, check out


Q: We receive a lot of emails about upcoming briefings or other events, but fewer than half of them include calendar invites. Below is a list of benefits to making calendar invites the standard: - the ability to update times/locations thereby seamlessly keeping everyone on the same page - RSVPs automatically add invites to calendars, so greater participation - less time taken away from work that is spent on adding events from emails to calendars (since that's not automatic in Outlook) - fewer interruptions from follow-up correction emails when locations or places change, or the event is cancelled - the ability to load zoom links for meetings into the Location field of the invite.
A: Each organization has varying business rules when it comes to sending out information. If you have ideas to increase the effectiveness of the information being sent out, be sure to reach back to the source and offer the suggestion. We do have a wing strategic calendar that is briefed at each week’s staff meeting. It’s not currently posted to the website, but we’ll work toward including it in a location that gets more visibility. I’d also encourage each of the groups to have a central calendar as well. While I appreciate the suggestion regarding calendar invites, many people just don’t have the bandwidth to manage the sheer volume of requests that would come in.


Q: Who manages the 37 TRW Training & Development Council and how do we contact them?
A: Mr. Joe Surita, the wing's Executive Director, is leading efforts for our Training and Development Council, you can reach out to him or also contact the council at


Q: We never saw the CDE opportunity?: Could you resend? Some don't have access to .mil.
A: Civilian Developmental Opportunities are promoted through the MyVector platform, Be sure to create your MyVector account to receive automated messaging about opportunities as they become available. Additionally, we have promoted the CDE opportunities in various emails, meetings, etc. We understand some of our organizations have access to both .mil and .edu platforms ... official correspondence will most likely be distributed through the .mil network. Checking that platform daily will certainly help ensure critical information isn't missed.





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