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Current as of 8 Feb 21 

Q: What is being done about the number of scammers that comment on the BMT graduation live-stream?
We are very aware of the scammers and have a team of professionals who are furiously working each live-stream to keep the scammers at bay. This is becoming a problem across the Air Force on live-streams. Some of the challenges lie within the platform itself but we are exploring options to reduce the number of scammers. I’d just like to emphasize that no one should ever have to pay to watch one of our graduations. If you have connections with any of the parent groups of current trainees, help us spread the word to let them know that they should never fall victim to one of these scammers.


Q: What do the AFIs say about me (or others) going to work with someone who ELECTS to forgo a vaccination or to not wear a mask? Who will be the responsible party?
There is no AFI on the vaccine and the COVID-19 pandemic. Because the FDA approved distribution of the vaccine under an Emergency Authorization Use, getting the vaccination is a voluntary matter. However, there is an Executive Order, to protect the Federal Workforce, stating masks should be worn in the workplace in Federal buildings and on Federal land, in addition to maintaining physical distance, and adhering to other public health measures, as provided in the CDC guidelines. If there is a situation where you are ever uncomfortable in the workplace, be sure to bring the situation up to your supervisor so it can be addressed.


Q: This isn’t necessarily a question but we received a kudos through Warhawk Solutions. It says: Col Wilson thank you for sharing the Virtual Senior Leader Mentorship Tabletop (O4-O6). Keep them coming!
A: We appreciate the kudos as well as the questions that are submitted. We’re working hard to provide as many professional development options as possible. In fact, our Training and Development Council, now known as Warhawk University, will soon be launching their training calendar so stay tuned to Freeform Friday as we will continue to announce opportunities as they come up.


Q: Has a 37 TRW app been discussed to distribute information quicker? Many bases use AF Connect to link all their apps.
A: Yes, Public Affairs is in the process of building the 37 TRW section of the AF connect app. We anticipate it will launch in March.


Q: Can we self-nominate for Wing awards or must it come up through squadron and group?
A: Recognizing people for their hard work is an important aspect of ensuring we are taking care of one another. We highly encourage supervisors to take the time to recognize their high-performing individuals. You can certainly discuss with your supervisor about being nominated for an award. Awards are competed at the squadron, group and wing level. To compete at the wing level, you must be nominated through your squadron and group. 


Q:  What are the qualifications to be nominated for a wing award?
  Please take a look at the 37 TRW Wing Quarterly and Annual Award guidance. Everyone within the wing is eligible to be nominated for an award as long as they meet the criteria outlined in the guidance.


Q: Why don't you have a civilian non-supervisory category for GS-11s?
  Category III is designated for non-supervisory GS-11s and above; WS-14 and above; GP-12 through GP-15; GG-11 through GG-13; WL-11 and above; NF-4 and above. This can be found within the 37 TRW Quarterly and Annual Awards guidance.


Q: Is it mandatory for supervisors to submit at least one of their personnel for an award every time there is an opportunity?
 It is not mandatory to submit award nominations each quarter. However, we highly encourage supervisors to take the time to review what their personnel have accomplished during the award period and submit them for an award. Rewarding our Warhawks with recognition is one of the best ways we, as supervisors, can show them how much we value their contributions.

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