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Current as of 27 May 21 

Q: After the loss of one of our Warhawks, I feel resilience workshops are greatly needed. What's the 37 TRW doing about them?
A: The 37 TRW is saddened by the loss of one of our own. In response, the impacted Squadrons have held Commander’s Calls as well as numerous other resilience events within their respective Squadrons this week, including Heritage Runs, meeting with the installation’s integrated resiliency teams and multiple social activities to help increase esprit de corps and facilitate the grieving and healing process. In addition, I have asked that all Squadrons across the wing meet in person this week, prior to Memorial Day weekend, to discuss resilience, Wingman culture and mindfulness of ourselves and others.  


More holistically and proactively, our wing has initiated a dedicated Community Action Team focused on 37 TRW-specific issues to include enduring resilience programs for members and their families. The 37 TRW CAT meets monthly to help facilitate all four pillars of resilience. In addition, our Wing has also stood up a first-of-its-kind human performance directorate, reporting directly to me, that will focus on all four pillars of resilience and the optimization of our Airmen’s performance. 


Q: Year-after-year at DLI we try to bring attention to the injustices in the civilian appraisal system. It’s time to take action and have supervisors hold employees accountable, rather than reward people who aren’t performing well in their jobs and are doing not working during duty hours.
A: An employee’s appraisal, award and other information is for the employee and their supervisory chain only. While performance awards are reflective of how well you meet or exceed the performance elements within your performance plan, the success of your students is also a reflection of your performance as an instructor. I highly encourage that each of our civilian Airmen concentrate on their classroom instruction and their students. If there are concerns regarding performance within your organization, we encourage you to reach out to your commander or the senior civilian in your organization to discuss specifics.


Q: When will the Zoom app be available for use on our .mil or .edu computers?
A: The Zoom app is currently being coordinated with AETC/A6 for ATO/ACO approval and should be complete any day.  As soon as it is complete the app willl be automatically pushed out to all .edu computers.


Q: Certain members of my organization don’t feel as if they are being given the opportunity for professional development. Why not have a wing-level program that is open to all?
A: Everyone within the wing is afforded the opportunity to pursue professional development training. Additionally, when developing your annual performance plan, be sure to include your professional development goals. Warhawk University offers a number of opportunities around the local area that individuals can sign up for. Additionally, there are formal Professional Military and Civilian Developmental Education opportunities that become available throughout the year. The annual call for Civilian Developmental Education is a self-nomination process through AFPC and is accomplished through MyVector. Emails are distributed through MyVector to each individual employee. If you haven’t yet established a MyVector account, go to myvector.us.mil to register. Also, if on the .edu domain, be sure to check your .mil email regularly to ensure you don’t miss out on opportunities. Educational opportunities are also advertised through the Hawk Talk weekly. You can also scan the QR code for Warhawk University to access available opportunities. (Note the Warhawk University QR code on the right-hand column)


Q: As a member of DLI, I am concerned with unfair hiring practices that seem to favor particular individuals or foreign instructors. It seems as if discrimination exists in the organization.
A: DLI has had internal and external reviews of their hiring practices. They are fair and exceed the OPM and AF hiring processes with a rubric, panel and interview. We do not use any prohibited demographic or protected category information when making hiring selections. It’s important that we educate ourselves on hiring practices rules and that we continue to educate and inform about them, just as Mr. Surita and I have discussed in previous DLI all-calls. This will help alleviate any misperceptions we may have. DLI has a very diverse group of professionals who are executing a critical mission; I encourage each of you to continue focusing on your students and classroom instruction in order to help strengthen international partnerships.


Q: Are resources available to study/research the effectiveness of the DLI’s remote face-to-face instruction compared to on-site face-to-face instruction?
A: We have studied the effectiveness of remote teaching using the same metrics and information available prior to the pandemic.  That is student satisfaction through EOCs, on-time graduation rate, graduation rate, and FoT feedback.  From the last data pull and analysis, the 332 TRS resident mission is performing equal to or better by those metrics.  However, one concern we have is the ability to immerse our students into the American classroom environment. This cultural immersion is hard to capture and portray in a remote-learning only atmosphere. IAAFA recently graduated their in-resident Alpha cycle students and Columbian Army Brig. Gen Erik Rodriguez, who was the guest speaker, reminded students about the value of the relationships they built while attending courses at IAAFA: “Interpersonal relationships matter, interoperability between different forces is generated from a common language and common procedures, but interoperability cannot be effective if there is no personal knowledge, respect or a level of trust.” At DLI, you do more than just teach English. You help grow relationships through a common language. Those relationships are better fostered in an in-person environment.


Q: Why must multiple emails about spouse events and messages be sent out to all in the organization? We aren’t married to the military and these messages do not apply to DLI.
A: Whether wearing the uniform or a civil servant, every member of DLI is a valued member and employee of the Department of the Air Force and the Department of Defense, and should be afforded the opportunity to receive information on key programs. The individual appointed to distribute these messages is the Key Spouse representative for the squadron. The emails are intended to be informative and educational and provide valuable information for our diverse population within DLI.


Q: What is acceptable/unacceptable when commenting on a civilian employees appraisal? What information can be shared about another employee’s performance? There are some instructors who have concerns about those who are awarded more than colleagues who work as equally hard.
A: An employee’s appraisal, award and other information is for the employee and their supervisory chain only. Civilian monetary or time-off awards are distributed based on a percentage (not to exceed specific caps), and are determined based on how well an employee meets their SMART objectives – performance elements that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound. While, performance awards are reflective of how well you meet or exceed the performance elements within your performance plan, the success of your students is also a reflection of your performance as an instructor. I highly encourage that each of our civilian Airmen concentrate on their classroom instruction and the development of their students.


Q: What is the guidance regarding masks when speaking to large groups of people? Can they be removed?
A: A person speaking to an audience of 30 or more can remove their mask, as long as they maintain appropriate physical distancing from the audience. Organizations can implement stricter guidance to meet organizational needs. However, they cannot make the guidance less strict than what has been published by the JBSA commander. For more information on current guidance, check out https://www.jbsa.mil/coronavirus/LinkClick.aspx?fileticket=RQpYh_IEyIw%3d&portalid=102.


Q: We receive a lot of emails about upcoming briefings or other events, but fewer than half of them include calendar invites. Below is a list of benefits to making calendar invites the standard: - the ability to update times/locations thereby seamlessly keeping everyone on the same page - RSVPs automatically add invites to calendars, so greater participation - less time taken away from work that is spent on adding events from emails to calendars (since that's not automatic in Outlook) - fewer interruptions from follow-up correction emails when locations or places change, or the event is cancelled - the ability to load zoom links for meetings into the Location field of the invite.
A: Each organization has varying business rules when it comes to sending out information. If you have ideas to increase the effectiveness of the information being sent out, be sure to reach back to the source and offer the suggestion. We do have a wing strategic calendar that is briefed at each week’s staff meeting. It’s not currently posted to the website, but we’ll work toward including it in a location that gets more visibility. I’d also encourage each of the groups to have a central calendar as well. While I appreciate the suggestion regarding calendar invites, many people just don’t have the bandwidth to manage the sheer volume of requests that would come in.


Q: Who manages the 37 TRW Training & Development Council and how do we contact them?
A: Mr. Joe Surita, the wing's Executive Director, is leading efforts for our Training and Development Council, you can reach out to him or also contact the council at 37TRW.Warhawk.University@us.af.mil


Q: We never saw the CDE opportunity?: Could you resend? Some don't have access to .mil.
A: Civilian Developmental Opportunities are promoted through the MyVector platform, https://myvector.us.af.mil/myvector/Home. Be sure to create your MyVector account to receive automated messaging about opportunities as they become available. Additionally, we have promoted the CDE opportunities in various emails, meetings, etc. We understand some of our organizations have access to both .mil and .edu platforms ... official correspondence will most likely be distributed through the .mil network. Checking that platform daily will certainly help ensure critical information isn't missed.


Q: Col Wilson, Thank you for prioritizing people and keeping us safe by allowing us to work remotely. In our section, that we know of, people have had Covid and relatives have been impacted. This is real for us all. Please keep us home until we are safe since we interact with IMS and they are not vaccinated - they are also out and about not adhering to CDC guidelines.           
A: Telework has been a necessity during the pandemic to ensure the safety of our workforce. But, as the COVID-19 positivity rate in the local area goes down, as members are able to get vaccinated, and the risk is reduced, we will take a comprehensive look at all telework agreements. In situations where an individual is able to meet the same level of success, and the same level of operational capability as identified in their position description, we may look at keeping those telework agreements in place. Where it’s fairly obvious that measures outlined in an individual’s performance plan and position description are not able to be accomplished, or accomplished to the same degree through telework, we will look at starting to pull people back into the office at a certain point in the future. It’s something we have to talk about because we have a very in-person and tactile mission here. It’s important for all of personnel to start thinking about the fact they could be pulled back into the office in the near future. I encourage you to talk to your supervisor, and talk to your chain of command to see what this looks like for you. We will evaluate on a case-by-case basis. The perception that there is going to be long-term perpetuity agreements may happen, but it’s not something that’s guaranteed.


Q:I needed a new CAC due to my current one expiring. I stopped by the MPF every day last week at various times to get a new one. Every day there was a huge line outside of the building and by the time I made my way to the front of the line they’d either not be taking any more customers for the day due to reaching “capacity” or the system would be down. Finally, on Monday I showed up first thing in the morning (0730) and there was already a long line, I waited 1.5hrs, when I got to the front the Amn simply took my cell number, stated I’d receive a text in 2-3 hours when it was my turn. He said when I receive the text I’d have 10 minutes to be at the MPF or I’d loose my spot in line. Since I’d only have 10 minutes to return and I work on Chapman I waited in my car in the parking lot for the text, as I looked around in the parking lot I saw countless others doing the same. I checked in/got my confirmation text at 0909, it wasn’t until 1415 that I got my text to come back in and I finally left with my new CAC at 1505. I spent several of my duty hours last week and a full duty day today waiting to receive an item that’s required for me to access the base and my work. Every member I spoke to at each visit was always very polite and professional. I asked if there was an appointment system or virtual line/wait list and was told they’re walk-in only. Is this an acceptable level of support/service to be receiving from our Force Support Sq? If not, what if anything is being done to resolve?
JBSA has implemented online processes that eliminate the need to wait in line. Individuals can even snap their own photo, email it with the form to the ID office and pick up their card a week later. For more information check out the JBSA online ID process.


Q: Currently, the Financial Operations for Military and Civilian pay (rm 222) is open from 1030-1330 and a sign in front of the door states if you are not BMT trainees, DHA users, or 5 day with no response CSP case member to file a CSP case then you must file a case. Several Airmen are lining up outside of room 222 roughly 30-60 minutes before it opens and sitting on the floor until it opens, nobody is able to reach an Airmen to speak on the phone, and there is no information here about how or where to open a CSP case. I would recommend purchasing a kiosk and using a system for appointment sign-up to make this office more efficient as well as respect our Airmen’s already tight schedule. Scott AFB has an efficient schedule and kiosk system that links MPS, CPTS and TMO together. Also, having someone to ask questions to via phone would definitely help with time management and save man-hours rather than having customers wait in line for a simple question.
Thank you for the feedback.  As we continue to communicate the hours changes CPTS can support based on recent deployment taskings we are emphasizing the use of our virtual customer platform, Comptroller Services Portal (CSP) which is now the AF standard at all Active Duty installations.  A flyer is posted near or on the door to the customer service lobby at each JBSA location so permanent party employees who have access can get their question to us and save the trip and wait in line. CSP helps accelerate change clearly as the conversation is never lost in translation or in one person’s ability to quickly scribe notes on the question. Inquiries are able to be re-opened for 21-days after resolution if a customer still has questions and doesn’t want to start over. Furthermore, we’ve posted 23 Knowledge Articles with required documents and templates on a variety of civilian, military, and travel pay topics. Reading Knowledge Articles first enable customers to submit a more actionable inquiry the first time and get their pay updates faster.  We continue to add Knowledge Articles each month so always check there first before submitting a question as the answer may already be out there.  Finally, using CSP means you can get inquiries to us anywhere you have an internet connection and CAC-reader, 24/7/365. We’ve pushed our flyer through Mission Partner Forums, Command, and First Sergeant channels steadily since April 2020 as we prepared to transition to virtual ops.  We will ensure flyers are more prominently displayed on our customer service lobby doors so those who don’t know can grab one and get back to their mission.  This will help everyone stay mission focused while saving the trip and not wait in a physical line.  


Q: So sad we couldn't join the 37TRW Annual Award zoom. Our schedule did not allow for it. But is there anyway possible you can send the names of the winners, who they work for, and why they got the award in Col Wilson's weekly read. Thank you so much!
We recently published a list of the Annual Award winners on our website at www.37trw.af.mil. The story was also included in last week's Hawk Talk. Read the story here.


Q: What is being done about the number of scammers that comment on the BMT graduation live-stream?
We are very aware of the scammers and have a team of professionals who are furiously working each live-stream to keep the scammers at bay. This is becoming a problem across the Air Force on live-streams. Some of the challenges lie within the platform itself but we are exploring options to reduce the number of scammers. I’d just like to emphasize that no one should ever have to pay to watch one of our graduations. If you have connections with any of the parent groups of current trainees, help us spread the word to let them know that they should never fall victim to one of these scammers.


Q: What do the AFIs say about me (or others) going to work with someone who ELECTS to forgo a vaccination or to not wear a mask? Who will be the responsible party?
There is no AFI on the vaccine and the COVID-19 pandemic. Because the FDA approved distribution of the vaccine under an Emergency Authorization Use, getting the vaccination is a voluntary matter. However, there is an Executive Order, to protect the Federal Workforce, stating masks should be worn in the workplace in Federal buildings and on Federal land, in addition to maintaining physical distance, and adhering to other public health measures, as provided in the CDC guidelines. If there is a situation where you are ever uncomfortable in the workplace, be sure to bring the situation up to your supervisor so it can be addressed.


Q: This isn’t necessarily a question but we received a kudos through Warhawk Solutions. It says: Col Wilson thank you for sharing the Virtual Senior Leader Mentorship Tabletop (O4-O6). Keep them coming!
A: We appreciate the kudos as well as the questions that are submitted. We’re working hard to provide as many professional development options as possible. In fact, our Training and Development Council, now known as Warhawk University, will soon be launching their training calendar so stay tuned to Freeform Friday as we will continue to announce opportunities as they come up.


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