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  • Homeschool 101: Follow-up Q&A

    The 37th Training Wing hosted Home School 101, a virtual event on Facebook Live to help families transition to non-traditional education methods and learn stress-management skills during mandated social distancing in response to COVID-19, Thurs., April 9, 2020. Home School 101 featured a panel consisting of Leslie Janaros, a mother who has been home-schooling her children for 15 years, Dr. Raye Lynn White, an educator with over thirty years of experience, and Lt. Col. Kieran Dhillon, a clinical psychologist. In case you missed it, see the full event on the 37th Training Wing Facebook or YouTube page. Many follow up questions came in from viewers of the event and are answered by our distinguished panel below. 
  • Home School 101 Resources

    The list below has been compiled by the 37th Training Wing Key Spouse Mentor and Clinical Psychologist; it includes FREE resources for home-schooling and mental health to assist families during the COVID-19 pandemic. **NOTE** All resources have been provided in collaboration with private entities. The US Air Force does not endorse or sponsor any of the non-DoD entities mentioned in this Resources Reference Material.