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341st Training Squadron

341st Training Squadron Canine Handler

The 341st Training Squadron provides training to military working dogs (MWDs) used in patrol, drug and explosive detection, and specialized mission functions for the Department of Defense (DoD) and other government agencies. Personnel conduct operational training of MWD handlers and supervisors and sustain DoD MWD program through logistical support, veterinary care, and research and development for security efforts worldwide.

Military Working Dog Foster Program

From birth to eight weeks, future military working dogs bred at the 341st Training Squadron are reared at the Military Working Dog Center on JBSA-Lackland  in our state of the art whelping facility. While there is no guarantee that any pup of this age will develop into an adult working dog, our Puppy Development Specialists begin working with the pups from birth, imprinting and exposing the pups to a variety of stimulations and activities that will prepare them for the next phase of their life. 

At the age of eight weeks, the puppies go home with qualified and dedicated 'foster' volunteers from the greater San Antonio/Austin area. Thats where YOU come in. During the 'foster' period, the pups are raised in secure, nurturing homes that provide learning and play opportunities, as well as outings for the puppies to be exposed to different environments and people to develop a socially sound puppy. Learn more about the program here.

Military Working Dog Adoptions

ATTENTION:  Due to overwhelming interest, we are UNABLE TO ACCEPT APPLICATIONS AT THIS TIME. Please check back in the future.

While most of our dogs that become available for adoption at Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland are relatively young dogs that have failed to meet training standards, others (generally the field units) are older dogs that have completed their service and are being made available for adoption.

Title 10 US Code 2583 gives priority first to civilian law enforcement agencies, then to prior handlers, and finally to the general public. In the event that a dog’s age or fitness precludes it from being considered for law enforcement duties, then a former handler is most often selected. While most of the working dogs are adopted by their last handlers, there are some who are eligible for adoptions by the general public. Those who choose to adopt eligible military working dogs must sign an agreement that states they will be responsible for all future medical, food and shelter costs.

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CMCL: (210) 671-3125
DSN: 473-3125
FAX: (210) 671-3402

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341st Training Squadron

 341st Training Squadron
1320 Truemper Street, STE 2
Joint Base San Antonio, TX 78236-5103
COMM: (210) 671-5178