Gateway Wing releases new strategic plan

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  • 37th Training Wing Public Affairs

JOINT BASE SAN ANTONIO-LACKLAND, Texas – Culture. Mission. People. These priorities are the foundation of the 37th Training Wing’s 2023 Warhawk Strategic Plan released January 20.  

The Warhawk Strategic Plan written by the 37th TRW commander, Col. Lauren Courchaine, and Command Chief, Chief Master Sgt. Michael Morgan, lays out the command team’s intent for the wing and empowers Warhawks at every level to lead while recognizing that the best ideas can come from anywhere.  

“A strategic plan, regardless of the level, touches every member within the organization,” said Col. Lauren Courchaine, 37th TRW commander. “It serves as a fundamental beacon to guide the organization toward mission objectives with actionable efforts.”   

Chief Michael Morgan, the 37 TRW command chief added, “The strategic plan is intended to assist Warhawks as they develop partnerships within their squadron and across the Wing to ensure we are effective in our mission of training the next generation of Airmen ready for the next decade." 

The plan provides Warhawks the mission and vision, and lines of effort (Culture. Mission. People), that will drive operations, activities, and future investments across the 37th TRW.  

Mission: Build and develop disciplined and dynamic Airmen, Guardians, Partners and Allies trusted to secure tomorrow.  

Vision: Forging the future force to excel in a complex operational environment. 

Courchaine is the second woman and first cyber professional to command the largest training wing in the Air Force. Her background uniquely positions her to lead the wing and meet the Air Education and Training Command commander’s, Lt. Gen. Brian S. Robinson, desired end state of providing digital age training, education, and development to produce the most competitive Airmen possible for the future warfighter.   

“I recognize that we are living in a decisive decade, in which the political landscape has changed dramatically,” Courchaine said. “The Warhawk Strategic Plan attempts to navigate these challenges via a commonsense approach that focuses on our greatest strength … our people. In the current environment, disciplined and dynamic Airmen and Guardians who possess a multi-capable mindset will ensure losing is never an option.” 

People are at the core of the Gateway Wing’s mission and at the core of the Warhawk Strategic Plan.  

“A strong positive culture is the foundation to the success of any organization powered by people,” she said. “This starts with a culture that promotes diversity, shared experiences, strong rapport, and the celebration of successes. Personnel across our wing can use this plan to shape decisions and mold leaders at every level, enabling a deep connection to the mission and our values as Warhawks.”  

The Command Team is where culture begins,” Morgan added. “The Command Team relationship shapes unit culture and determines how people are empowered to accomplish their mission."  

“My intent is to foster an environment where all Warhawks have a voice, understand the course the Wing is traversing, and are empowered to make decisions in times of uncertainty and complexity,” Courchaine said. 

As the wing moves toward Mission Type Orders, “it is important that I clearly articulate Commander’s intent so that every member of the wing can make decisions at the lowest level that are in line with the organization’s shared interest,” she added. 

According to Air Force Doctrine Publication 1, mission type orders focus on the purpose of an operation, rather than the details of how to accomplish it and empower subordinate decision-making. 

“Empowering members with a voice and understanding creates a sense of increased accountability, responsibility and pride,” Courchaine said. “Chief Morgan and I are excited about the strategic plan and the path forward for the Wing. Our intent is that this document provides clear and concise direction, and enables the entire Wing to make decisions with the greatest possible freedom of action, which we posit will result in high-performing Airmen and Guardians. We are a wing truly powered by people, which means our mission does not happen without the phenomenal efforts of our people.” 

To read the Gateway Wing’s Strategic plan, go here.